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Research, ideas, & strategies to help you understand & support your intense or sensitive gifted or twice-exceptional kid

Is Your Gifted Kid Intense?

Do you find the word "intense" validating and useful or too negative in its connotation?  Some thoughts about gifted "intensity"...

How to Validate Your Gifted Kid's Big Feelings

You want your gifted or 2e kid to feel better when they're upset or having a meltdown - here's what really helps.

When Bright Kids Have Big Feelings

For many parents of intense gifted kids, big feelings are a big concern. How can we recognize when bright kids' big feelings are linked to their greatest strengths?

The Strength in Your Kid's Big Feelings

Your gifted kid’s big feelings can be a window to their biggest strengths.

Tips to Reduce Perfectionism for Intense Gifted Kids

Does your gifted kid blow up, melt down, or tear up when they make a mistake or face a challenging task? Here are some tips to build resilience.

What to Avoid When Your Gifted Kid Is Upset

When our kids are upset, we often feel compelled to help them understand the situation better.  Here's why it's often better to wait.

Could Your Intense Gifted Underachiever Have Undiagnosed ADHD?

Some gifted kids with poor academic performance have unrecognized signs of inattentive ADHD.  Should you consider an assessment?

A Validating Way to Set Boundaries on Big Behaviors

Many gifted kids act out when they're upset or overwhelmed - they kick, hit, throw things.  How can you set boundaries in a helpful way?