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The Gifted Learning Lab
 Resources & coaching for parents of intense or sensitive gifted & twice-exceptional kids

Feel more confident and supported while you raise your strong-willed or sensitive gifted/2e kid

Parenting gifted kids can feel tough.

Gifted kids can be hard to understand - they’re often remarkable, likable, and witty as well as intense, emotional, and strong-willed.  They can be precocious and independent in some areas yet need extra help in others.

Parenting gifted kids can feel lonely.

It's hard to find other parents who understand the joys and exasperations of raising a bright, passionate kid.  Others may think parents are exaggerating, bragging, or lying about their kid's ups and downs.

To make things more complex -

Parenting advice that works for other families

often doesn't work for gifted and 2e kids.

The Gifted Learning Lab helps you feel more confident raising your intense or sensitive gifted/2e kid.

Gifted Lab Notes

Free weekly email with tips, ideas, & reflections for parents of intense or sensitive gifted/2e kids.

Power Struggles Mini Course 

Free 5-day email mini course with big ideas & practical strategies to prevent and defuse power struggles.

Support Your Intense Gifted/2e Kid


My highly-supportive 8-week coaching program that helps you feel more confident parenting your gifted/2e kid.

Learning Lab Library

A collection of articles that address common questions & concerns of parents with gifted/2e kids.

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