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Feel more confident and supported while you raise your strong-willed or sensitive gifted/2e kid

The Gifted Learning Lab:
 Resources & coaching for parents of
intense or sensitive 
gifted & twice-exceptional kids

Parenting gifted kids can feel tough.

Gifted kids can be hard to understand - they’re often remarkable, likable, and witty as well as intense, emotional, and strong-willed.  They can be precocious and independent in some areas yet need extra help in others.

Parenting gifted kids can feel lonely.

It's hard to find other parents who understand the joys and exasperations of raising a bright, passionate kid.  And parenting advice that works for other families might not work with your kid or might not feel right to you.

The Gifted Learning Lab helps parents feel more confident raising their intense or sensitive gifted/2e kids.

Gifted Lab Notes

Free weekly emails with tips, information, strategies, & reflections for parents with intense or sensitive gifted or twice-exceptional kids.

Support Your Intense Gifted/2e Kid


A highly-interactive small-group coaching experience with more information, support, and connection so you feel more confident parenting your intense gifted or twice-exceptional kid.

Learning Lab Library

A collection of articles and past emails with research, ideas, & strategies to help you understand & support your intense or sensitive gifted or twice-exceptional kid.

Questions?  Get in touch:

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