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Why the Gifted Learning Lab?

You know your intense or sensitive gifted kid needs something different, but you're not sure what.

You adore your bright, passionate kid, and you're amazed by their intellect, creativity, and insight.  You have a thoughtful approach to parenting and you've built a good relationship with your child. 


Yet despite your care and your child's awesome qualities, your child is regularly overwhelmed by big feelings or behaviors, and you feel unsure about how to help.

You're ready for an approach designed for parents of bright, intense kids like yours.

Advice from parenting books, podcasts, friends, and the internet doesn't seem to work with your bright, intense kid.  Or the strategies you've learned feel wrong somehow, like they undermine your connection with your child instead of strengthening it.  The Gifted Learning Lab helps you understand your kid in a new way and adapt effective strategies to their unique characteristics and your strengths as a parent. 

In some way, gifted and twice-exceptional kids are like all kids - they need love, connection, learning, autonomy, and fun.  In other ways, these bright and neurodivergent kids are different - they learn, think, and experience the world differently than typical kids, so it's harder (or impossible!) to meet their needs with the typical ways of doing things. 

I believe all kids can thrive when there's a good fit between their characteristics and their environment.  To craft this fit for gifted and twice-exceptional kids, parents need to know how they work and what they need, so parents can make informed, creative decisions that work for their family.

When you understand how giftedness, twice-exceptionality, and neurodiversity relate to your child's intensity, you can connect with your child even in their intense moments.  When you understand what gifted and twice-exceptional kids need to thrive, you can reduce your child's overwhelm by adapting your parenting approach and finding new ways to meet their needs.


My model focuses on empowering parents to understand their child and meet their child's needs in new ways - so parents can feel more confident, problem-solve new situations, and create a calmer home life.

The mission of The Gifted Learning Lab is to help you feel more confident parenting your intense or sensitive gifted kid.
In the Gifted Learning Lab, parents gain confidence through 4 key elements. 

Accurate information

Understand giftedness and twice-exceptionality in a new way so you know what your bright, passionate kid needs to thrive.  Learn research-based strategies and principles specifically for gifted and twice-exceptional kids with big feelings or emotional intensity.


Get support adapting principles and strategies to your unique family situation.  Try new approaches at home to see what works for your kid, your parenting style, and your current life situation.  Adapt and iterate with help from a knowledgeable, collaborative coach.


Feel more grounded & calm with guided reflections to help you process what you've learned and nurture your self-compassion.  Celebrate your strengths, understand your challenges, and generate new solutions as you reflect on your experiences and needs.


Connect with your child, even in tough moments.  Connect with other parents who are equally passionate about supporting their own bright kids.  Get support from a coach who understand intense and sensitive gifted and twice-exceptional kids.

At the Gifted Learning Lab, we believe there's absolutely nothing wrong with you or your child, even when things are tough - you just need different supports, strategies, and frameworks designed specifically for families like yours.

Hi, I'm Danika Maddocks

I'm passionate about helping families understand and nurture their gifted and twice-exceptional kids.

I understand gifted kids. I was a gifted kid, I'm friends with grown-up gifted kids, and now I'm raising a young gifted kid. I research giftedness and twice-exceptionality, and I've supported gifted kids and their families for over 12 years as a teacher and therapist. I've always been drawn to bright, passionate kids who struggle or are misunderstood because of their behaviors, big emotions, or learning challenges.


I also know that parenting a gifted kid can be lonely.  It's hard to find other parents who understand your joys and challenges.  It's difficult to find resources that are relevant for your child and your situation.  And it sometimes feels impossible to find teachers, therapists, or other providers who understand your kid and what you need.

I created the Gifted Learning Lab so I can help more parents with intense or sensitive gifted kids find the information, support, and resources they need.  


I truly believe that raising an intense gifted kid can be a delight.  And it really helps if you, their parent, have the right information and support!  


Through the Gifted Learning Lab's free resources and parent coaching program, I hope more parents of gifted and twice-exceptional kids can find one another, find the information they need, and find new ways to thrive with their unique gifted kid.

Dr. Danika Maddocks
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