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Reduce Power Struggles with Your Gifted/2e Kid

A free email mini course

Do you feel stuck in negotiations and power struggles with your gifted or twice-exceptional kid?

Are daily tasks a battle or a grind?

Do you want to feel like you and your kid are on the same team instead of opposing forces?

If so, you're not alone. At most of the free workshops I host, a parent asks about how to reduce negotiations or power struggles with their gifted or 2e kid.

So I decided to make an email mini course to help!

And it’s completely free.

This mini course will help you understand, prevent, and defuse power struggles with your gifted/2e kid.

Over 5 days, here's what we’ll cover:

💡 Why power struggles are common with gifted/2e kids


💡 Where power struggles come from

💡 Two strategies to prevent power struggles

💡 What to say and do to defuse a power struggle

💡 How to make your parenting life a little easier


Each email includes a final section called “Apply it!” so you can try the idea or strategy in your family.

Danika, a light-skinned person with short brown hair, runs their fingers through their hair and smiles
Danika's light-skinned hands typing on a computer surrounded by colorful props including dominoes and Legos

You’ll also briefly hear about Support Your Intense Gifted/2e Kid, where you can work with me to get lots of support and find more ease as a parent.


After 5 days of emails, you’ll be on my weekly email list for Gifted Lab Notes.


You can unsubscribe easily at any time.

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