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Tips & information for parents of intense or sensitive gifted or twice-exceptional kids

Gifted Lab Notes

Weekly emails with tips, strategies, information, & reflections to help you feel more confident raising your intense or sensitive gifted or twice-exceptional kid.

Dr. Danika Maddocks

Hi, I'm Danika!

I'm passionate about helping families understand and support their gifted and twice-exceptional kids. 


In Gifted Lab Notes, I share insights & practical strategies from my 12+ years supporting gifted families as a teacher, therapist, and researcher.  I often relate these strategies to current research and to my personal experience as a gifted person and parent to an intense gifted kid.

The mission of the Gifted Learning Lab is to help parents feel more confident raising their intense or sensitive gifted and twice-exceptional kids.

If you're looking for more interactive support, check out Parenting Your Intense Gifted Kid, my 8-week group coaching program for parents.

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