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Research, ideas, & strategies to help you understand & support your intense or sensitive gifted or twice-exceptional kid

What Makes Your Gifted or 2e Kid Intense?

What contributes to gifted/2e intensity?  And is the word "intense" helpful or hurtful?

Could Your Intense Gifted Underachiever Have Undiagnosed ADHD?

Some gifted kids with poor academic performance have unrecognized signs of inattentive ADHD.  Should you consider an assessment?

How to Talk to Your Kid About Being Gifted or 2e

Tips to help this conversation feel less daunting and more do-able

Summer Planning Tips for Gifted and 2e Kids

Tips to help your child explore their interests, develop their talents, and connect with like-minded peers during the summer.

Neurodivergent Resilience

Traditional views of resilience can be harmful for neurodivergent kids - how can you support neurodivergent resilience?

How to Nurture Gifted/2e Self-Advocacy

How to recognize and nurture the seeds and small beginnings of your child's self-advocacy skills

But This Is Supposed to Be Fun!

Activities that are "supposed" to be fun are often stressful for emotionally intense or sensitive gifted/2e kids

PDA in gifted kids

What does the PDA profile look like in gifted kids? 

Could Your Child Be Twice-Exceptional?

Commonly missed indicators and why it can be liberating to discover twice-exceptionality

How to Validate Your Gifted Kid's Big Feelings

You want your gifted or 2e kid to feel better when they're upset or having a meltdown - here's what really helps.

Why & How to Advocate for Your Gifted or 2e Student

Parents of gifted and 2e kids often have to advocate to support a good learning environment for their kids - here are 4 guiding principles for effective advocacy.

Sibling Conflict & Intense Gifted/2e Kids

Why do so many intense gifted/2e kids have a hard time getting along with their siblings?

What to Do When Your Kid Cheats

Many gifted/2e kids cheat during games - here's a way to respond and support them in these moments.

Body Bubbles, "Picky" Eating, Itchy Tags...

Common sensory processing differences among intense or sensitive gifted/2e kids

Tips for a Smoother Morning Routine with Your Gifted/2e Kid

Four things that make mornings hard for many gifted/2e kids - and four ideas to help mornings go more smoothly.

Tips to Reduce Perfectionism for Intense Gifted Kids

Does your gifted kid blow up, melt down, or tear up when they make a mistake or face a challenging task? Here are some tips to build resilience.

The Strength in Your Kid's Big Feelings

Learn how your gifted kid’s big feelings and emotional intensity can be a window to their biggest strengths.

3 Steps to Respond to Gifted Intensity

The 3-step VIEW framework can reduce power struggles, meltdowns, and overall distress.  Read more about the steps here.

Permission to Be Different

Gifted/2e kids aren't neurotypical, so effective parenting approaches look different too.

Why Do So Many Parents Pull their Gifted/2e Kids from School?

If you've considered changing schools or taking your kid out of school, you're not alone. 

Your Gifted Child Isn't Lazy

A more helpful view of "laziness"

Gifted with ADHD - An Overview & Support Ideas

Common characteristics of gifted ADHDers and ideas to support them

Benefits of Screen Time for Gifted/2e Kids

Screen time can be regulating for intense gifted/2e kids.

What to Avoid When Your Gifted Kid Is Upset

When our kids are upset, we often feel compelled to help them understand the situation better.  Here's why it's often better to wait.

Does Gifted Parenting Have You at Max Capacity?

If so, you're not alone.  I share reflections to help you better match your demands and expectations to your capacity.

What the Term "High Functioning Autism" Gets Wrong

Twice-exceptional kids are often called "high functioning" - but that can be hurtful.

Strategies to Reduce Emotional Overwhelm for Gifted/2e Kids

Is your kid easily overwhelmed by their emotions? These parent-focused strategies can help when traditional approaches haven't worked.

It's OK to Be Exhausted by Your Kids

Parenting a gifted/2e kid can be intense in both joyful and exhausting ways

Neurodiversity and Gifted/Twice-Exceptional Kids

How the neurodiversity paradigm can help you understand and support your gifted / 2e child

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