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The Gifted learning lab approach

The mission of The Gifted Learning Lab is to help you feel more confident parenting your intense or sensitive gifted/2e kid.

Here's how we do it:

Accurate information

Understand giftedness and twice-exceptionality in a new way so you know what your bright, passionate kid needs to thrive.  Learn strategies and principles to support gifted and twice-exceptional kids with big feelings or emotional intensity.

Jump right into more accurate information in the Lab Library or by subscribing to Gifted Lab Notes, my weekly email.



Get support adapting principles and strategies to your unique family situation.  Try new approaches at home to see what works for your kid, your parenting style, and your current life situation.  Adapt and iterate with help from a knowledgeable, collaborative coach - Danika.


Feel more grounded & calm with guided reflections to help you process what you've learned and nurture your self-compassion.  Celebrate your child's strengths, understand your child's challenges, and generate new solutions as you reflect on your experiences and needs.


Connect with your child, even in tough moments.  Connect with other parents who are equally passionate about supporting their own bright kids.  Get support from a coach who understand intense and sensitive gifted and twice-exceptional kids.

Get plenty of connection, guided reflection, and personalized help adapting strategies in my highly-supporteive 8-week coaching program, Support Your Intense Gifted/2e Kid.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with you or your child, even when things are tough - you just need different supports, strategies, and frameworks designed specifically for families like yours.
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